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We take care of your products and their further processing whether they are loaded in containers or delivered on pallets, whether you are receiving air freight or buying extra. We will handle the transport, ensuring that your goods are placed on time in our cold store. In addition, we arrange the documentation related to taxes, phytosanitary inspections and quality control. Of course your products will be stored at the right temperature and conditions.


Your products will be stored at the right temperature and under the right conditions. Every pallet will be scanned and the information saved in our digital system. Pallet numbers from the production area are linked to the internal pallet numbers. This allows us to load on pallet level. Every movement of the pallet will be registered and can be followed in our web portal. If your products need to be stored for a longer period, we will run an interim quality control. As you would expect from us, we will notify you of this.


After arrival, we carry out a comprehensive quality control to ensure that your products are received properly. D-Quality Service in Barendrecht has been handling our quality control for many years. It is also possible to have your own quality control manager inspect your products.


We can take care of all your customs procedures. Your products can be stored in transit in our warehouse and be released or remain in transit. Tax representation is also possible. Phytosanitary inspections can be done at VGK Cool Logistics.


We offer a full range of packaging possibilities in order to deliver your products to your clients exactly as they wish. Sorting and repacking, labeling products, flow packing, heat sealing, foodtainers, and from bulk packing into cardboards or reusable crates and/or trays.

In the near future we will provide services for ripening avocados, mangos and stone fruit.